SEFSA – 2017 Spring Picture Day

//SEFSA – 2017 Spring Picture Day

SEFSA – 2017 Spring Picture Day

Players, Coaches and Parents:

Picture day will consist of individual and team pictures. Picture envelopes were handed out during the coaches meeting. We will have additional forms available the day of pictures as well. Timeless products such as the memory mate, buttons, and magnets will be available. You will want to fill out the order envelopes before picture day and bring them with you on your scheduled date and time. At picture day, we will be available to answer any questions and provide product samples for you to view. Parents should arrive 15 minutes earlier than your scheduled picture time to pickup the uniform, prepare their child, complete the order forms and have any questions answered. Punctuality is very important.

Coaches – don’t forget to bring the filled out team envelope (outside envelope) with you on picture day as well.

The turnaround time for you to receive your order should be no longer than 3 weeks and in most cases within 2 weeks after your picture day. The coach will receive an email when orders arrive and then they can pick up the team’s orders at the SEFSA office.

Coaches – to thank you for your support of youth sports, we will be providing you a FREE team coach appreciation print.

To make this process as easy as possible for everyone, we will be photographing at the SEFSA office during uniform handout on Saturday, May 20th, and Tuesday, May 23rd.

We will be letting the coaches pick your picture time. The coach or team manager will schedule your picture time with us via email ( Below are the days and times we will be taking pictures. If you click on any of the days, a table will be displayed showing the available times and slots for pictures. Please note that there are 2 available slots for each picture time.  Again, we are asking the coach or team manager to contact us via email ( to let us know what works best for your team. Again, punctuality is very important during these days. We don’t want you or any subsequent team to be late. Parents should arrive 15 minutes earlier than your scheduled picture time to prepare their child, complete the order forms and have any questions answered. Once the whole team is present and envelopes are complete, the actual pictures will take no more than 15 minutes. Again, coaches or the team manager can utilize the contact form on the website or email us ( In the email, please include the following information:

  • Team name and division (ie: Team Jedis – U12)
  • Desired date (ie: May 20th)
  • Desired time (ie: 1:00pm)
  • Coach Name (ie: Chris Jefferis)
  • Coach’s Cell Phone # (ie: 605-555-1234)

Once we receive the information, we will send you an email confirmation and add you to the posted schedule below. Time slots will be assigned on a first come – first serve basis. If your requested time slot has been filled, we will send you an email with alternative times close to your requested time. Those times will not be held until you confirm the time that works for your team.

In addition to our traditional picture day program, we will be offering team banners and panoramic prints.  Below is a link to a flyer that outlines our special pricing for SEFSA teams.  We have many designs to choose from and they are customized to your team.  When scheduling, please note in your email that you also want to do a team banner.

We look forward to seeing you soon! And have a great season.

Kindest regards,

Chris Jefferis


Picture Time Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
1:00 pm Harrisburg Endeavor – Comp B (Hoffman) Storm 8U (Mescher) n/a
1:15 pm Sitens – 10U (Volkmer) Harrisburg Bulldogs – 10U Rec (Burt) n/a
1:30 pm Cardinals – 6U Coed (Meyer) n/a
1:45 pm Fusion 10U B (Danielsen) n/a
2:00 pm Rebels 14U B (Hille) – Banner only n/a
2:15 pm n/a
2:30 pm The Diamonds – 8U (Richter) n/a
2:45 pm n/a
3:00 pm Spartan (Lindemann) n/a
3:15 pm n/a
3:30 pm Stars – 5U Coed (Rounseville/Brockevelt) n/a
3:45 pm n/a
4:00 pm Hunters – 12U (Daggett/Bergan) Alligators – 8U (Gundvaldson) n/a
4:15 pm n/a
4:30 pm Bears – (Westra) n/a
4:45 pm n/a
5:00 pm Team Chaos – U8 (Willis/Kolling) n/a
5:15 pm n/a
5:30 pm n/a
5:45 pm n/a
6:00 pm n/a
Picture Time Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
5:30 pm Whammers – 5U Coed (Reiner) Tea Titans – 10U (Braton/Ackman) n/a
5:45 pm Team 16U Rec (Vanden Bosch) Diamond Girlz – 8U (Lickteig) n/a
6:00 pm Softballin Coed 5-6 (Brose) Sluggers – 10U (Eitreim) n/a
6:15 pm Ducks – 5U Coed (Sorenson) Chaos – 8U (Ludens) n/a
6:30 pm Panthers (Sayasavanh) Tri-Valley – 10U G (Pedersen) n/a
6:45 pm Sparks – 10U Rec (Brunick) Robins – U6 Coed (Doss) n/a
7:00 pm Pink Zebras – 8U (Farr) Lightning – 8U (Vasgaard) n/a
7:15 pm Orange Crush – 8U (Hennies) Turtles – 5U Coed (Matzen) n/a
7:30 pm Sparks – 6U Coed (Henry) Energy – 12U (Wermers) n/a
7:45 pm Light Sabers – U6 (Kracht) n/a
8:00 pm Twinkies – U8 (Fairbrother) n/a
8:15 pm n/a
8:30 pm n/a
8:45 pm Firecrackers – 10U (Hanisch) n/a
Picture Time Team 1 Team 2 (Limited Basis) Team 3
9:00 am n/a n/a
9:15 am n/a n/a
9:30 am n/a n/a
9:45 am n/a n/a
10:00 am n/a n/a
10:15 am n/a n/a
10:30 am n/a n/a
10:45 am n/a n/a
11:00 am n/a n/a
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