• Team and individual pictures will be taken on picture day
  • Pictures will be inside the SDJRFB building.  You will want to check-in at the covered picnic shelter next to the concession stands by the outdoor football fields.
  • The coaches received the order envelopes during the coaches meeting.  If they were unable to attend the meeting, we will have more available the day of pictures but make sure to arrive early to fill them out.
  • Punctuality is important.  Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow time to answer any questions and prepare your child.
  • Turnaround time will be 2 weeks.  The coach or team manager can pick up the team’s orders at the SDJRFB table during your player’s game at the Fieldhouse

FLAG – Coaches or Team Manager:

  • Pictures will be taken at the SDJRFB shack.  Please report to the picnic shelter so we can check your team in and review everything.
  • Your team has been scheduled for pictures before your games on September 8 & 9.  Please review the schedule below.
  • Don’t forget to bring the filled out team envelope (outside envelope) with you on picture day.

We look forward to seeing you soon! And have a great season.

Kindest regards,

Chris Jefferis
[email protected]


Picture Time Team 1 Team 2
8:00 am
8:15 am F409 F415
8:30 am F410 F412
8:45 am F411 F402
9:00 am
9:15 am
9:30 am F405 F401
9:45 am F408 F404
10:00 am F416 F403
10:15 am
10:30 am
10:45 am F413 F407
11:00 am F419 F418
11:15 am F421 F420
11:30 am
11:45 am F109 F107
12:00 pm F422 F417
12:15 pm K02 K03
12:30 pm K04 K01
12:45 pm
1:00 pm F101 F103
1:15 pm F105 F104
1:30 pm K07 K05
1:45 pm K08 K06
2:00 pm
2:15 pm F106 F102
2:30 pm F108 F110
2:45 pm F112
3:00 pm F414 F406
Picture Time Team 1 Team 2
12:00 pm F201 F204
12:15 pm F202 F207
12:30 pm F205 F203
12:45 pm F206 F208
1:00 pm
1:15 pm F209 F214
1:30 pm F212 F210
1:45 pm F213 F211
2:00 pm F614 F601
2:15 pm
2:30 pm F609 F604
2:45 pm F610 F613
3:00 pm F612 F607
3:15 pm F615 F611
3:30 pm
3:45 pm F602 F605
4:00 pm F603 F606
4:15 pm F608 F616
4:30 pm F617 F601
4:45 pm  F111