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    • You can find your team’s registered time slot below.
    • If your athlete can’t attend their scheduled time, we can work you in between teams on the other day.
    • Punctuality is important.  Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow time to answer any questions and prepare your athlete.
    • Each athlete is photographed individually.  One of the images captured will be used to build a team composite.
    • There will be no staff to assist with posing, so make sure your athlete’s hair and uniform are ready at the time of pictures.
    • If you would like a buddy image (player/parent; player/sibling; player/player), it must be taken at the time of pictures.  We can not combine individual images to create a buddy image.
    • Make sure to check out our Facebook page for any short notice cancellations (typically due to weather)!  If league games are cancelled, pictures will also be cancelled.


    • We utilize an online ordering system.  No paper order forms will be available.
    • Once all of the player’s and coaches on the athlete’s team have been captured (including make-up days), we will begin working on the team artwork.  This could take up to 5 business days.
    • Once the team artwork is complete, an email will be sent out to the parent who registered the athlete.  Simply follow the link in the email to place your order.  You can forward this email to other parents, grandparents, etc.
    • You can also order directly from our website – DefineWhoYouAre.com.
    • We utilize a ‘View First’ model. A few of the benefits to this model is that parents can view the images before buying.  It also allows us to shoot multiple poses, which gives parents more choices for the print packages.
    • Parents will be able to choose from a variety of backgrounds for their individual photos.  A team photo will be designed with a specific background.
    • All orders are mailed directly to your home.


    • Two complimentary coach appreciation prints are provided to each team.
    • The league hands all of these out to the coaches towards the end of the season.

We look forward to seeing you soon! And have a great season.




Picture Time Team 1 Team 2 (limited basis)
9:00 A B
9:15 C
9:30 D E
9:45 F
10:00 7 8


Picture Time Team 1 Team 2
9:00 1 2
9:15 3
9:30 4 5
9:45 6
10:00 G H


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