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South Dakota Junior Football requires ALL teams to take pictures so that coach appreciation gifts can be provided.  No purchase is necessary.



    • You can find your team’s registered time slot below.
    • If your athlete can’t attend their scheduled time, we have set up Tuesday, Sept 12, from 6:00pm – 7;00pm as a make-up day.
    • Punctuality is important.  Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow time to answer any questions and prepare your athlete.
    • Photos will be taken at the SDJRFB facility. Please report to the garage stall on the North side of the building at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time.
    • Each athlete is photographed individually.  One of the images captured will be used to build a team composite.
    • There will be no staff to assist with posing, so make sure your athlete’s hair and uniform are ready at the time of pictures.
    • If you would like a buddy image (player/parent; player/sibling; player/player), it must be taken at the time of pictures.  We can not combine individual images to create a buddy image.
    • If your athlete can’t attend their scheduled time, we can fit them in between other scheduled teams as time allows on one of the other scheduled days.  Please allow appropriate time for this to be completed.
    • Make sure to check out our Facebook page for any short notice cancellations (typically due to weather)!  If league games are cancelled, pictures will also be cancelled.


    • We utilize an online ordering system.  No paper order forms will be available.
    • Once all of the player’s and coaches on the athlete’s team have been captured (including make-up days), we will begin working on the team artwork.
    • Once the team artwork is complete, an email will be sent out to the parent who registered the athlete.  Simply follow the link in the email to place your order.  You can forward this email to other parents, grandparents, etc.
    • You can also order directly from our website – DefineWhoYouAre.com.
    • We utilize a ‘View First’ model. A few of the benefits to this model is that parents can view the images before buying.  It also allows us to shoot multiple poses, which gives parents more choices for the print packages.
    • Parents will be able to choose from a variety of backgrounds for their individual photos.  A team photo will be designed with a specific background.
    • All orders are mailed directly to your home.


    • The head coach receives a complimentary coach appreciation plaque.
    • Additionally, two complimentary assistant coach appreciation prints are provided.
    • The league hands all of these out to the coaches towards the end of the season.

We look forward to seeing you soon! And have a great season.




Picture Time Team 1 Team 2
5:30 F802 F801
6:30 F803


9:00 K06 K09
9:15 K07 K08
9:30 K03 K01
10:00 K04 K02
10:15 K05 K10
10:30 F213 F218
11:00 F207 F208
11:15 F204 F201
11:30 F205 F203
11:45 F214 F217
12:00 F215 F216
12:15 F211 F209
12:30 F212 F210
12:45 F206 F202
1:00 F605 F608
1:15 F606 F607
1:30 F612 F601
2:00 F602 F611
2:15 F603 F610
2:30 F604 F609


Picture Time Team 1 Team 2
10:45 G306 G302
11:00 G307 G308
11:15 G02 G01
11:30 G602 G601
11:45 G304 G301
12:00 G305 G303
12:15 G03 G02
12:30 G602 G603
12:45 F106 F102
1:00 F107 F108
1:15 F104 F101
1:30 F105 F103
1:45 F114 F110
2:00 F115 F116
2:15- F112 F109
2:30 F113 F111
2:45 F406 F402
3:00 F407 F408
3:15 F404 F401
3:30 F405 F403
3:45 F414 F417
4:00 F415 F416
4:15 F411 F409
4:30 F412 F410
4:45 F418 F413
5:00 F424 F427
5:15 F425 F426
5:30 F421 F419
6:00 F422 F420
6:15 F423 F428


Picture Time Team 1 Team 2
6:00 Individual
6:15 Make-Up
6:30 Day


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